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About Ezekiel (Ez) Gavieres

There is one basic premise Ez lives by: Fitness should be a part of your life, not become your life.

I believe that training is not just a way to get in shape but also a way to stay healthy enough to enjoy everything else in life – from running marathons, overcoming previous injuries and to playing with your children and loved ones to just being active on the weekends.

I’m certified through the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF) and hold a bachelor's degree from Kean University in Exercise Science (BSc.), I come from a background of helping people of all ages, from elementary aged to seniors, in a variety of fitness settings.

If you’re passionate about life, and just need help figuring out a way to have a better body and health, to enjoy that life, then schedule a time for a free assessment and workout with me.

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Hoboken Fitness Testiomonial

Here are Some Testimonials About My Personal Training: 

“It’s been great working with EZ. I’ve had improvements every week and he’s been absolutely key to getting in better shape and building better habits. I’ve dropped about 10lbs over the first 6 weeks and I feel better every day.” ~ Andrew B. 

“Ez is a great personal trainer. He is very personal, relaxed, and knowledgeable about training and how to bring the best out of his clients. I definitely recommend anyone who want to get in shape work with Ez to get your perfect body shape!” ~ Tim M.

“EZ is a great trainer! He spends quality time with you showing you how to do each exercise and pushes you when you doubt yourself.” ~ Marci S. 

“Training with EZ has been the best decision I have made over the last year! I am playing the best golf of my life and hitting it the furthest I have ever hit it. I can also say I am easily in the best shape of my life. So the question is why are you still reading this? You should have booked an appointment by now, you won’t regret it!”

~ Peter P.