This year has been busier than normal and that meant that I didn’t get to write one new article per week, but I was able to put together about 30 new “lessons” this past year.  These are the Top 5 from this year:

1 – Protein Bar Review 

This post grades 7 protein bars and tells you when it would be best to use each one (fat loss versus muscle gain versus meal replacement).

2 – Aim for Perfection, then be Realistic

You know what most fitness trends have in common?  They all ask you to strive towards an unrealistic goal.  And after you’ve done that, when you’ve found your limits then you figure out how to realistically apply those ends.  So what technique should you try?  Read this to get an idea.

3 – Ten Habits for Lasting Fat Loss

Nearly everyone has done it – lost weight and then gained it back.  This post highlighted 10 Habits that lead to long-term successful Fat Loss.  Want to know what they are?  Read them here.

4 – Sleep and Fat Loss

Just how bad is poor sleep on stalling fat loss?  This article discusses that answer.

5 –  What You Expect, You Get

Every year, I have one article that I enjoyed researching more than others and this post was definitely it.  How does your mindset effect your fat loss?  How does it effect your aging?  How does your mindset effect your life?  Reading this may help you shift your mindset or at least open your mind to different possibilities.

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