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This year has flown by for me.  Technically it’s the week of Thanksgiving, but in my head, I’m somewhere just leaving 4th of July territory.  That is the funny thing about time and life.  It keeps moving no matter what.  Sometimes that’s a good thing and at other times, you just want it to slow down just a bit, so you can stop and enjoy the moment a bit more or simply get more done…or get more sleep (Yes…Sleeep!).  But the days keep moving on, regardless.

As such, this year I feel like I never got my traction when it comes to working out or making progress in the gym.  The whole year, I’ve been fighting to get back to “zero.”  First I hurt my ankle real bad, then I got sick, then I tried to fight the need for a root canal (which was not my smartest move), then I moved and carrying 100 pound boxes up five flight of stairs and subsequently building what was in the box for 3 weeks straight set me back.  It was like every time I would get into a groove with my workouts, something came up where I would fall back.  It felt as though I had gone jogging and every mile I ran into a wall or a ditch or got hit by a car.  You know, normal, everyday runs.

For the first time in years, I wasn’t trying to improve inasmuch as I was trying to not regress and that’s not the best place to be, but it happens.

Now it’s the end of November.  Usually, at this time of year, I’ve made some progress and as such, I enjoy Thanksgiving through New Year’s by over-indulging.  It’s a favorite past-time of mine and something I look forward to.  But not this year.  This year, instead of overindulging the whole season, I will only do so on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.   In between, I plan on finally making that traction that I failed to make throughout the year, by working out harder and eating healthier than I normally do.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I bring all of this up because the week of Thanksgiving is the week I spend looking back over the previous year and subsequently start planning for the next year.  I find this time ideal for looking back because it’s meant to be a time for gratefulness.  Beyond that, I have a bit more time and this allows me to plan ahead without feeling rushed.

There are 3 things I try to do this week:

1 – To see how well I did with hitting my original goals for the year.
2 – To be grateful for more things in my life.
3 – To update my goals and figure out a plan to hit those updated goals.

Overall, this year I have a lot to be thankful for.  Despite all of the set-backs from a physical stand-point, I was able to basically break even with my health which was pretty good to begin with.  I’ve also been able to do complete or start a lot of long-term goals that I’ve had for years.  I put together a workout program online, moved out of my apartment, moved personal training studios, while hitting a lot of smaller personal goals I’ve had for years.

Right now, I’m working on the mindset factors that have been holding me back from hitting other goals.  This usually means that I stop shooting myself in the foot, which makes reaching my new goals much easier to achieve.

Short Term Goals

Over the next few months, my big goal is to make things better for you.

For my current clients, I am going to be starting a small membership site where you can log-in and view all supplement recommendations, frequently asked questions and get access to meal ideas and recipes that I don’t always have time to go over directly during the sessions.  I will also be making more workout videos for you.

Going forward, I would also ideally start to hold one talk per month at noon on the second Sunday of each month on topics ranging from improving sleep to lowering belly fat.

There will also be a lot of back-end processes that will be updated and streamlined along with increasing the business’s social media presence.  I’m hoping this adds more value to your experience as a client and helps you achieve your goals as efficiently as possible.

Thank You

With that said, I also want to Thank all of You.

Helping you achieve your goals, from the small and personal goals to the large and public ones, helps to add a deep sense of purpose to my life.  Watching the effort you put into your workouts and the changes in your eating inspire me to work hard and continually learn to help you work as informed as possible.  Thank You!

Also, as a small token of my gratitude, I just released a few videos of workouts from 8 week fat loss challenge that you can do at home with just a couple of dumbbells.  I hope this helps you to end the year on a good note, even if you’ve also had a hard time gaining traction this year. (The Full Routine, including sets and reps can be found below):



What are Your Goals? 

I also want you to ask yourself, what do you plan on achieving from a physical stand-point next year? 

Do you want better health?  To hit an aesthetic goal that has eluded you in the past – from fat loss to muscle gain?  Do you want to fit into a different pair of jeans or jeans you haven’t worn in years?  Do you want more energy?  Do you simply want to feel healthier by working out more often?  Do you just want to feel less stiff or overcome a nagging injury? Do you want to master a new move, enter a competition or a combination of all of those things or something else completely?That choice is yours.  And once you have that answer, there is another question you should strive to answer honestly to yourself.

This more important question is:  What is holding me back from achieving those goals? 

Your answers to this question are rarely “fact”, but instead just one truth, one story you believe to be true.  After you ask yourself that question, follow it up with one more:

Is this really true or have I not thought about this from a different angle?

I’m pretty sure there is someone else going through similar things as you who has achieved that goal.  As such, it is not fact, but your strongly held “story” that you believe to be true.  And it is there – with that strongly held story – that if you can unearth it, you can start to finally make some real leeway into achieving your goal.

I wish you all an amazing Thanksgiving with good food and good times with friends and family.  Cheers! 

Click here for the full workout routine:
download icon 8 week fat loss challenge -Intermediate – Gym – Wks 3-5

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