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This past week, I had intended to have a healthy and productive weekend.  I was going to stick to eating healthy and limit my alcohol to about 2 drinks.  Then I decided to go to game 1 of the NLCS with the Mets vs the Cubs.  It was a good game, a good time, but I definitely was not “good.”  I had about 3 times as much alcohol as I had planned on having at the game and that was only the start of the night.  By the end of the night, I had added a few more drinks, and some unhealthy food.

This was definitely not the plan for the week, but situations like this happen sometimes. The question is, what can you do to mitigate a night that “sneaks up on you” on like that?

5 Tips for When You’ve Messed Up Your Diet

1 – Get back on track as quickly as possible

Everyone slips up from time-to-time.  The most important step is to not allow that slip up to control future thinking.  Yes, you may have messed up, but that shouldn’t give you a pass to do more of the same.  Instead, pick yourself up, and start back where you were.

2 – Consider fasting

After a night like that, I tend to limit my eating to 8 hours the next day – between 2 and 10 pm.  This gives my body a chance to detox itself without having to work too hard with additional foods.

3 – Sweat a little

Sundays are my “day off” from working out, but sometimes I go to the gym after I’ve had an unexpected night like that.  I do it, just enough to sweat, get my body moving and try my best to re-stabilize my hormones and my brain.  It isn’t meant to make up for the previous night’s sins, but it is meant to burn a few extra calories, and to simply get my body moving.

4 – Eat even healthier

After a night out, I tend to eat healthier than I normally do.  The only fat I eat the next day is from eggs and avocado, and beyond that, I tend to limit my eating to vegetables, no fat Greek yogurt and lean meats the next day.

5 – Add in some fermented foods

Poor eating and too much alcohol can have a dramatic effect on your gut health and the balance of good and bad bacteria in your stomach.  To help mitigate the effects of a night like that, it is a good idea to take in more healthy bacteria from naturally fermented foods.  In addition to that, when it comes in the form of fermented vegetables, the vegetables help to feed the good bacteria in your stomach.  There are a lot of reasons to eat fermented foods, but after a night out, I find it especially important and usually start the following day with some kimchi and lots of water.

Nearly everyone falls off the wagon.  The quicker you can get back on track, give your body the foods it needs to replenish itself, while sweating a little, the better off you will be and the easier it is to stay on track in the future.  This isn’t a perfect system and you shouldn’t abuse it, but when it does happen, now you can have a system to implement the next time it does happen.

If you know you’re going to veer off the road, here are more tips that you can implement:  5 Ways to Limit Fat Gain from a “Crazy Night Out”

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