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Have you ever been confused in the gym?  You go there and since you don’t know what to do, you end up doing the same thing you always do – you run.  But here’s the thing, you actually hate running.  Classes, you don’t mind, but it seems like every time you go to a class, it’s either super crowded or it’s very hit or miss.  Sometimes the instructor you have is pretty good and other times you feel like it’s too easy.

Create Your Life

Beyond that, you aren’t seeing the results you want.  You’re not learning much during the class and sometimes you feel, like “What’s the point?”  This is not a good place to be and can be a bit discouraging to say the least.

The biggest problem I’ve seen with “popping into a class” every now and then is that there is no continuity or progression in the classes.  Some are easy, some are hard, but you’re not building towards a certain goal.  You’re simply “working out.”

It’s part of the reason why I’ve preferred personal training as there is a progression of the workouts towards a specific goal.  Yet, group classes, when done correctly, are encouraging and helps you push past your limits.  The question is how can you get the best of both worlds?  How can you get a continual progression towards a goal in a group format?

Progression in a Group Format

The answer is surprisingly simple – have people commit to a class within a group of people.  As such, the first group wrapped up at the end of October with everyone stating something similar, “It was tough, but it was good.  I would definitely take it again.”

On day one, the started with three movements – squats, swings and a Turkish Get-up.  By the of the 6 weeks, they were doing three presses on each side of the Turkish Get-up and completed 280 kettlebell snatches in 20 minutes, basically replicating this study (put link in).  On day one, they were wondering why they were doing the get-up and didn’t have a clue what a kettlebell snatch was.  By the end, they knew the movements and were ready to include it in their own workouts.

Feel Competent Working Out on Your Own

Beyond the benefit of the group format with a constant learning progression, all of the participants created their own workout routines.  And instead of having an excuse not to do any workouts, everyone is given a kettlebell and foam roller at the completion of the class, so that not only do you create your own workout routine, but you also have all of the equipment that you need to complete the workouts.

Feel Better, Look Better

At the end of the day, working harder in a group format is motivating and encouraging.  Creating your own workout system and getting a kettlebell so that you can workout anytime you want is cool.  But the question is, will you look and feel better?  And the answer is, absolutely…but it takes commitment on your part!

So then the real question is, can you commit to 6 weeks of training 3 days per week at either 5:45 or 6 am?  Can you wake up a bit earlier, show up to classes and give your best for that day?  If so and you’re looking to lose fat during the holiday season, then this class is for you.

That last line sounds kind of cheesy, but it’s the truth.

I’ve done a lot of things in the fitness industry over the past 12 years, but teaching the first round of this class was one of the more rewarding things I’ve done.  Everyone worked hard every time they showed up and the camaraderie during the class helped encourage everyone to do better.  In addition to that, seeing them grow from where they started to where they finished was extremely rewarding.

Everyone in the initial class lost fat and some gained muscle, but they also mastered movements that they never thought they would.  So what is the class?

10 Details of the Class

  1. The classes will run for 50 minutes from 6 am to 6:50 am, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from this upcoming Monday, November 9th to Friday, December 18th (with Wed and Fri off the week of Thanksgiving).
  2. The class is limited to 4 people and one slot is already taken.
  3. When you sign-up, you will need to schedule a free one-on-one 15-minute assessment to figure out your individual warm-up for the class and take measurements.
  4. Beyond the workouts, you also get daily emails that keep you accountable to everything the class stands for – taking part in creating your own reality and body.
  5. Each class is progressive and builds upon each other.  This means that you should be consistently getting better, every class in some way.
  6. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday will work on a different component of fitness.  Monday is density day, Wednesday are metabolic conditioning days and Fridays are Strength days.
  7. At the completion of the class, you will be given a kettlebell and foam roller that is yours to keep.  You will also know how to safely use them for a quick and effective workout at home, any time. (Great for the ensuing winter months…just sayin’)
  8. The total cost will be $449.  This breaks down to less than $29 per class, which  is about one-third of what my current clients pay for one session.
  9. You will be in a group environment that will help you push harder than you would when you work out on your own. The people in the group will be the same people throughout the duration of the 6 weeks. This is your team.  Ask questions, learn from each other and help each other to become better.
  10. There is a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you’re not satisfied with the class or unforeseen circumstances arise, you can get your money back.

If you are interested in joining the class, please email me at Info@HobokenFitness.com to get started.  Make this year, the year where you lost weight during the holidays.  Get started today!

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