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If there is one thing that is true about the fitness and weight loss industry it’s that anything works…and simultaneously, nothing works.

You have everything from the “Twinkie diet” to low fat diets, to low carb diets, to if it fits in your macros, to “cutting portions” to everything else in between.

I’ve wrote about the fundamentals of fat loss quite a few times over the past year (here and here) that I won’t rehash now, but I will say, the only thing that matters is “Does it work for you?”  If so, continue it.  If not, give something else a chance.

Eat a Skinny Person
That would be a new diet…


No matter what the research says, if something isn’t working for you, try a different approach.  The research says that adding more protein leads to more fat loss around your waist and a better preservation of muscle, but if adding more protein isn’t working for you, then cut the protein and add more vegetables.

And despite what people believe about Paleo being the Holy Grail of health and fat loss, the fact remains that most of the healthiest people I have encountered over the years eat grains and dairy and potatoes and beans and don’t over-indulge in bacon.

Is There ONE Answer?

It seems like most people I meet want one definitive answer.  What is the one thing I should absolutely avoid?  What is the one thing that I should definitely eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?  What is the one exercise that I need to do?

And the bottom line is that there isn’t one answer.  There are a bunch of answers and they vary from person to person and from context to context.

Do I think most women should eat more protein and for that matter, men also?  Absolutely.

Do I think some people should avoid dairy?  Yes.

Do I avoid gluten?  Yes.

Does this mean that you have to avoid dairy and gluten and eat 200 grams of protein per day?  No.

It does mean that there are a few constants that you should lay in your life.  And from there, shift and grow.  For 7 years I avoided dairy, including butter.  I did this to avoid casein and you know what, I felt alright.  Did I feel amazing?  No.

And after a year of taking a ton of probiotics and foods with probiotics, I decided to add dairy in the form of yogurts back in my life.  And you know what?  My life became simpler.  I had the same amount of energy, except now when I want a meal, I can have 2 Greek Yogurts and a protein bar for less than 500 calories and zero prep time.

I haven’t fallen apart and it has made my life easier.

For years, I ate low-carb.  I just always found eating a lot of healthy fat easier and never got huge surges of hunger with higher fat, higher protein meals.  But I remember growing up when I only ate high carb meals and this year wanted to see what eating higher carb meals would do.

What I found is that I needed to eat more often without getting “hangry.”   So could I eat higher carbs and not gain weight, but I needed to eat more often, about 5 to 6 meals as opposed to 3 giant meals, which I generally prefer.  Is one way better than the other?  Not really, except for the one that is easier for my lifestyle, that day.  If I have 12 clients in one day, then 3 Giant meals work better.  If I only have 6 or 7 clients then I can pick and choose what I feel like doing.

My point with all of this is that there isn’t just “one way.”  There are many ways.

Lay a Foundation and Grow from There

When it comes to living a healthier life, I think laying a foundation is fundamental.  If you’re trying to read more books, it’s a good idea to know the language.  If you’re trying to write a book, it’s a good idea to know grammar.  The same applies to changing your health and body.

This is why I think some of the extremes people go through can be a good thing, sometimes. Eating low carb doesn’t mean that you have now entered into the Holy Grail of Fat Loss, but it does teach you lessons that you can apply after you start adding carbs back in.  Getting rid of gluten isn’t the end-all, be-all of fat loss and health, but it can make you more aware of what you’re eating and therefore more cognizant of those things in general.

Running isn’t the best method for fat loss for a majority of people, but it can teach you discipline that you can then take to other areas of your life.

Working out with heavy strength training won’t melt fat off of your body, but it will teach your body to move more effectively (when done correctly) and can help you to add some muscle to your frame, which generally makes the person look more “toned.”  It’ll also help most people recognize when they’re using too light of a weight.

Every method has a purpose.  You don’t need to use every method, but it does help when you start with one method, lay the foundation with that method, take the lessons you can from it and continue to grow from there.  Each method is simply a system that you can then use later on.

Lay a New Foundation this November

So if you could lay a foundation with new, healthy habits now and not next year, would you do it?  As of this writing, there is one more spot in the 6-week Fitness and Fat Loss Class.  The class uses only your body weight and kettlebells only.  Each class gets progressively harder, but you start with the fundamentals and grow from there.  This class is the embodiment of laying a foundation and growing from there.



By the end of the class, you keep one kettlebell of your choosing and will have created a workout plan you can use after the class ends.  Beyond that, the daily emails you get with the program will teach you the “10 Health and Hotness Principles” and you would have started to lay the foundation with them during the program.

Therefore, if you’re looking to make a difference in your health and hotness this year, this is your last chance to do it.

The class starts this Monday, November 9th at 6 am and there is ONE opening left.

Here’s what you get with the class:

Personal Fitness Consultation — $100 value
3 bodyweight and kettlebell Group Classes per week (Every Mon, Wed and Fri at 6 am) — $540 value
One workout you make for home workouts — $75 value
Unlimited email and online support — $150 value
Nutrition coaching and daily education emails — $225 value
A Kettlebell and Foam Roller at the conclusion of the class – $75 value
Better Health and Hotness — Priceless

You get all of that for a total cost of $449. 

All you need is to send me an email (Info@HobokenFitness.com) to get started!

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