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Last week I was going to write a “weekly lesson” but decided to take a nap so I can think more clearly.  After I woke up, I was going to write but was a bit hungry, so I decided to cook and eat first.  While I was eating, I decided to turn on the TV and watch one episode of John Oliver…and I did.  After that, I only had 10 minutes before my evening clients, but decided I would do it after them.  But then I got emails and texts that I had to answer and by the time I did that, it was nearly 11 pm and still hadn’t ate dinner.  So I decided I would do it “tomorrow.”

So the next day, I was determined to sit down and write, but when I had free time I ended up working out.  By the time I came back from working out and eating a little something, I was going to sit down and write, but then I had a few other emails and texts to send.  Then I had to run into the city for clients, came back and had clients till 10 pm.  Instead of writing after, I decided to cook, eat and read for an hour.

Was up at 6 am on Wednesday and was determined to write this day.  But again, something came up – all things that were good.  I went for a 3-hour hike, hung out with a friend, had my evening clients and ended up taking forever to do anything useful afterwards and ended up passing out at 1 am.

Up at 6 am on Thursday, but I promised that Thursday would be the day.  I had a 5 hour block of time in between my “morning” clients and my evening clients and would definitely have time to write.  But fatigue from averaging 5 and a half hours of sleep started to kick in and I went to work out.  That took an hour.  Eating took 30 minutes.  And then instead of a short nap, I allowed myself to truly nap.  Two and a half hours later, I was just waking up.  That left me with a little under an hour to write.  But then I “needed” to clean my place.  By the time I looked up to see the time, I only had 10 minutes left.  Where did the time go?  There went another day and another day where nothing got done.

This may be my story of sitting down to write, but the question is, do you do the same when it comes to working out?

Do you end up wanting to work out, have a true desire to actually do it, but at the end of the day, not make it because “other things come up?” How often do you start with the best intentions, fully determined to go workout, but then end up with nothing but another day where you’ll “go tomorrow?”

If I continued at this rate, you would not be reading this email right now, so the question is, what could I have done differently to ensure that I actually sat down to write, or in your case, so that you actually made it to the gym?

1 – My planning was too vague

“When I have time” is the wrong mindset because there will always be things that seem like smart substitutes.  Nowadays, we don’t have time for anything but we make time for the things that are important in our lives.  As such, I could’ve and should’ve planned better.

“If/Then” planning is really effective for this.  For example, “If it’s 1 pm, and I’m free, then I will sit down to write.”

2 – Something is better than nothing

Often times, just the simple act of “showing up” is the hardest part.  If I could’ve just sat down to write, without answering the emails, then I would’ve been fine.  Could the emails I answered waited?  Yes.

So what could you put off to make time for a little workout?

Here’s combining the first two aspects:  “If it’s after work and I don’t have any plans, then I will go to the gym, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.”

3 – Make time for it, even if it’s at an irregular time

So when did I finally sit down to write?  With the beginning of classes and the daily emails for that taking priority over the “weekly lesson” I had to make time for this when I don’t’ normally write.  This meant that Friday night at 11 pm is when I finally sat down to write this lesson.  With Saturday night before going out, being the time I “cleaned it up.”

Getting to the gym at that time may not be as easy, but you could have definitely work out at that time.  You could do a 20 minute jog (even if you hate jogging).  You could do that anywhere or you could go for a long walk.

At the end of the day, the only thing that truly matters is that you stick to your word.  Even if you only did two quick workouts at weird times, it would still be better than another week of you saying that you’ll start, “next week.”

The example I used was writing, but yours could be working out or meal prep.

At the end of the day, knowing what is holding you back from hitting your goals is important, but often times, just getting started is more important.  This means planning for it and if that plan falls apart, doing it at times when it isn’t regularly scheduled.  No matter how, but getting it done and sticking to your word is more important than the specific method you use to get it done.

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