Protein Bar Review

A few years ago, I wrote a post about what I felt constituted a good protein bar.  The criteria that the protein bar needed to meet was:

A – Had to be gluten-free
B – Had to have enough protein to be considered a protein bar – at least 20 grams of protein
C – Be free from artificial sweeteners and excessive sugar alcohols (which can cause a laxative effect)
D – Had to have more protein than sugar (not carbs)
E – The protein had to come from a high quality protein source – no soy protein.

At the time, I also had that it be casein free, but have since wavered on that point.

With that said, at the time, there was only one protein bar that met those criterion, Rise’s Almond Honey Protein bar.   Over the past few years, other protein bars have come out that I’ve recommended to clients depending on their goals and today I will be listing 7 of those bars.


First, a number of disclaimers:

1 – A lot of these protein bars are not easy to find in your local stores.  Specialized health food stores and Amazon sell them, but Amazon usually sells them at a high price for a protein bar ($3-$4 per bar).

If you live in Hoboken though, all of them can be found at Basic Foods (off of 2nd and Washington), except for Rise protein bar. Continue reading “Protein Bar Review”